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we went on a field trip to the zoo last week

This is too accurate, right to the name.

As some of you know, I’m moving out of Toronto for the Summer. I am currently packing. It reminds me how terrified I am of packing. WISH ME LUCK, FRIENDS.

As some of you know, I’m moving out of Toronto for the Summer. I am currently packing. It reminds me how terrified I am of packing. WISH ME LUCK, FRIENDS.

You know you’re hooked when…

…the tab that’s been open longest today on my computer is “Rosetta Throne: Learn to Speak Dothraki.”

I am hip. I am with it.

Why I call my partner my “partner” versus my “boyfriend.”

I’ve been given some flack before for using the word “partner” instead of “boyfriend” when referring to Grum. Very particular people have given me flack for it, and I just wanna’ get it out there that the term “partner” can be used by anyone, in any manner of relationship, by any person fitting under any sexual identity, and there are plenty of reasons why it’s an appropriate term. Here are some of my favourites:

  • I don’t feel it necessary to give my partner a label that identifies him as any particular gender, mostly because I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business in the first place.
  • Using the term “boyfriend” when referring to my partner would identify me as a straight woman, and I don’t identify as such.
  • I don’t think of Grum as a “boy,” but rather a man (honestly, the term boyfriend reminds me of middle-school).
  • I think “partner” is a hell of a lot closer to my idea of a happy and healthy relationship than “boyfriend.” “Partner” holds so much more meaning in that it represents a bond, a collaboration, a friendship, a trust, and a stronger tie than most terms.

I just feel like it’s a weird thing to get flack for. Partner partner partner. This word is not reserved for any particular group of people. This is a word I enjoy, and will choose to use when referring to Grum for as long as I please. Kthanks.

I’ve been getting hurt a lot more than normal lately.

This’ll just be a little personal blog entry about my life for the past couple weeks, so if you’d like to read more of a journal-y entry, you’re welcome to! If not, see you on the flip side, suckers!

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Project Blue

Architecture concept where tall flower-like umbrellas absorb particles found in air pollution and convert them into green energy.

China’s explosive economy has left the world in awe but the country is paying a big price as the “factory of the world” is getting polluted at an alarming speed. Chinese cities are now characterized by an unhealthy hazy weather as the result of large amounts of suspended particles in the air.

The purpose of Project Blue is to transform suspended particles into green energy by creating an enormous upside down cooling tower with a multi-tubular cyclic desulfurization system that produces nitrogen and sulfur. When both elements are combined with the atmospheres surplus of carbon monoxide the result is water coal that would later be transformed methane and used as green energy through a low-pressure reaction called low pressure efficient mathanation – a physical-chemical process to generate methane from a mixture of various gases out of biomass fermentation or thermo-chemical gasification.

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wereville said: You care and want to do your job well and care about impacting the people around you. All good things. But protect yourself. The best thing someone said when I was a barista having a bad day was “Honey, it’s just coffee.” Give zero fucks when you have to.

Really, really good advice. I just wish I could implement it. I know I’m not paid enough to care. I know it’s just coffee. But I just can’t seem to do it when I’m on the floor. It’s like my body goes into overdrive and I can’t stop rushing and worrying about everything. 

Give zero fucks. Give zero fucks. Give zero fucks. GUH. MUST. TRY.


I hate being an adult. I don’t think people realize how lucky they are to have family so close. If they need to, they can hop a bus home and be safe. I never feel safe anymore. I hate crying. I hate being older. I want to be taken care of. Just ONCE I want to be someone’s priority. I want my mom. 

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Angry and Sad

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