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"I think you meant Enter the Void? I've seen it actually. As a Film guy that was the first time I saw a movie like that and i found it extremely interesting. It gave me quite an impact as well. That had me thinking about "after death" scenarios for weeks."

Asked by angelxxiii

DANG YOU, AUTOCORRECT. Yes, Enter the Void. Aha, I was typing in a groggy sleepy state. 

Yeah it’s really heavy, right? It just kinda’… gets you. Though I will say that I never want to watch it again. It was life changing in the way that a car accident is; you don’t wanna’ live through it twice.

"Here! Have another question! What movie this past year have you watched that left a profound impact on you? (I'm looking for a good movie to watch and I'm sure you have good taste)"

Asked by angelxxiii

Hmm, I can’t say that it was a positive impact, but I finally watched Enter the Void this past year. It was… horrible. It left me feeling wrong and cold and sort of nauseous, but afterwards, I thought a LOT but death and the impact mine would have. I thought a lot about what comes next, the possibilities, the way I want to live the life I’ve been given. 

If you watch it, prepare yourself for an uncomfortable ride - but it really does make you think.

"Hi. I'll tell you random stuff about my life and also ask you a question. I got a new job in which I reignited a friendship with a pal from early high school. And we've ended up becoming awesome friends again. And we also ended up liking the same girl at work. Which I thought was funny. Doesn't bother me like I thought it would. What's up with you? What is the daily life like? Try and think of the positive things if you can!"

Asked by angelxxiii

Hey, that sounds awesome! Reconnecting with friends is sometimes one of the most refreshing things. Hehe, sorry about you both having the feels for the same lady, though. Are you guys gonna’ keep it cool and pursue her in your own ways?

What’s up with me, eh? Well, Grum’s back! So daily life is a lot nicer knowing he’s across the city. Work is hard and stressful, but I DID have a customer say to me, “You’re like the only person who smiles in there.” Even though that’s sort of sad and makes me feel poorly about the environment, it still makes me happy that people notice I still try regardless. AND SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. HOLY MOLY.

secretgoldboxes answered: how do you do?

I do… erm, sleepily. I do very sleepily. I’ve been resting and napping and NOT napping all day, trying to get over some fever I’ve managed to catch. I just want all the hugs.

How do YOU do?

Can someone just ask me questions and keep me company?

Feeling sick.

Being sick always reminds me of how lonely it is on the East Coast. There are so many people, and yet when you’re riding your bike home after work, you can’t help but see blanks. The people don’t smile at you. The faces are so vacant. There’s no one in your house to hug you and get you a cold cloth for your forehead because roommates aren’t family and family is hard to come by (and for me, it’s non-existent).

I grew up with the greatest, most loving father and the most cheerful, hardworking mother. My sister has been and always will be one of my dearest friends, and whenever I played Dragon Age in my room, she’d be sitting on my bed with me with a cup of tea and a bunch of bad jokes up her sleeve. I just… I’m lonely. I want to have a home again. I don’t want to be alone.

My stomach is hurting and my head aches. All I want is someone to sit on the edge of my bed, put their hand on my forehead and say, “I’m here, Stephanie. I’m here.”

I’m so ready for September, you don’t even know. School, work, life? I can handle it.….Right? RIGHT?!

I’m so ready for September, you don’t even know. School, work, life? I can handle it.

….Right? RIGHT?!

Can we all just agree that falling asleep to someone else’s breathing is exceptionally pleasant?

That is, assuming that you’re actually aware of there being another person in the room with you when you fall asleep.

If anyone wanted visual evidence of how sweaty/packed that first night was… then here you go.

(Photos taken by Andrew Williamson). 

angelxxii said: Your love story makes me so happy whenever i read it. Its always great.

I think it just kinda’ hits me sometimes how friggin’ rare this kind of a love is. It’s the kinda’ love that doesn’t really take work. We’re just best friends, and despite LIFE getting hard and making us frustrated sometimes, we always have someone we can count on. Also, it helps that we hangout like big kids most the time. We’re definitely not mature. But who needs to grow up anyway, am I right?